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    Welcome: Dong Guan KAIWEI Electronics Co., Ltd
    Language: Chinese ∷  English


    Professional and rigorous

    About us

    Founded in Aug, 2007, Dong Guan KAIWEI Electronics Co., Ltd is located in No. 55, Chungfeng Road, Longbeiling Industry Zone, Tang Xia Town, Dong Guan City, China. Plant covers an area of 6,000 square meters, 4,000 square meters dust-free and air-conditioned workshops with 3 floors therein. We professionally design, produce a...[ READ MORE ]


    Comprehensive Function Upgrade



    We professionally design
    produce and sell wired headphones/earphones
    Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth speakers

    TWS headset

    TWS headset

    The device has Bluetooth RF tester
    Electro acoustic testing machine, wire conduction tester
    High voltage tester, digital load meter

    Low delay game headset

    Low delay game headset

    Rainbow and cool dial
    Watch waterproof quartz watch
    Mineral anti flower glass

    Bluetooth Speaker

    Bluetooth Speaker

    Products through the Japanese radio law telec
    Japan compulsory safety certification PSE
    Australia c-tick, Europe CE


    Approach everyone who pursues fashion


    Mutual benefit and common development

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